Heartland Hedging Process

The snow and cold weather have brought things to a near term halt around here. I know this reprieve is allowing some of you to review your costs and future cash flow needs. Have you found that number yet? Does your current projected revenue provide you with the cash flows that you require? How much can the market drop before you cash flow is hindered?

Our hedging process is designed to:
A) Identify your cash flow needs
B) Prepare a shock analysis to show the impact of your cash flow on both rising and falling crop prices
C) Incorporate revenue from your corn, bean and wheat production
D) Suggest and execute transactions to defend your revenue from adverse market movement

You may ask, how much do our services cost? Let us compare our costs to what you are already spending on marketing advisors, commissions and HTA fees. Then compare our fees with the benefits we provide.

Give us a call or stop in for a cup of coffee so we can show you all our services and see if they are right for you and your operation.